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Family Food: Smell of freshly made tamales fills the air this time of year

By Jennifer Squires WATSONVILLE Ask a woman where she got her tamale recipe and the answer is often a complex web involving her mother, grandmother, a neighbor or cousin. And then, of course the inevitable, “Well, you can put anything in a tamale.” Tamales, a stuffed dough wrapped in a leaf or corn husk […]

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Turkey Day Tips

Jenna Brogan Good Times Local chef Jonathan Miller offers advice for a stress-free Thanksgiving Thanksgiving is just days away, and for the person in charge of cooking the meal, that means one thing: pressure. Pressure to beat other shoppers to the same essential ingredients. Pressure to appease guests with different tastes and dietary needs. Pressure […]

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Ann Parker, Restaurant Review: U.S. Meal delivers quick comfort fare on the Eastside

By Ann Parker Special to the Sentinel It took a moment for the pun to click: U.S. Meal? But the restaurant’s logo, which shows a burger and the USPS eagle on a stylized postage stamp, made the reference obvious. Then there was the subtitle: United Plates Social Service. I was still shaking my head over […]

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Buckwheat Kasha Stuffed Zucchini

Robin Horn Seasonal Eating Recipe inspired by Mom & Old House Farm At this time of year, as we approach Day of the Dead, the veil between the worlds gets thinner as we remember loved ones who have passed. Before my mom died, 10 years ago now, she reminded me of a stuffed zucchini I’d made […]

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Stacey Vreeken, Wine Press: Decoding the Wine List

Here’s a hint: Trust your server when ordering wines. It’s even better when they’re the smiling type like John Locke, at right, co-owner of Birichino with Alex Krause. Locke, who is in charge of the wine offerings at Soif, in downtown Santa Cruz, stresses that your server is there to decode the wine list for you. ( Birichino ) By […]

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Sipping the Season: Santa Cruz Brewers Celebrate Autumn with Bold, Rich Beers

SANTA CRUZ — Beer drinkers know how to celebrate every season, and autumn’s no exception. As the temperatures drop, the brews get deeper in color and taste — a perfect way to stay warm and accompany richer meals. “The darker, sweeter beers start to get more appealing once the weather gets colder and the leaves […]

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Announcing: A New Love for Capitola!

Although you will probably be reading this after our site launch 9/1/2013, as I write this we are hard at work to bring you the best website Capitola has ever seen! Being one of the longest standing Capitola sites, has credibility, stability and a local connection that natives and visitors alike will be able […]

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