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Santa Cruz Salmon Jerky

After trying some delicious salmon jerky from Santa Cruz Salmon Jerky, I had to know more about this amazing local company. I spoke with the owner Casey about his company and what makes his Jerky so tasty. What follows is a writeup of our interview.

Santa Cruz Salmon Jerky

Jack: Here with Casey at Santa Cruz Salmon Jerky, and just wanted to know a couple things. How did you get started with your salmon jerky in Santa Cruz?

Casey: We started messing around with the smoker about ten, fifteen years ago smoking fish and assorted meats. Just a few years ago we decided to take off and do something with the salmon.
Jack: Nice! Where do you get the most of your salmon from?
Casey: We are getting the king Canadian salmon. It smokes out the best out of all the fishes I’ve smoked. Its got a great fat content and smokes up really nicely.
Jack: That sounds really good. Is there something that people like to eat with the salmon jerky?
Casey: You can do all kinds of great stuff. You can do scrambles, its great on caesar salad, my little daughter likes to eat it by itself. Its a great, healthy, gluten free snack that can be eaten by itself of paired with your favorite dish.
Jack: Great! Have you ever been fishing around here?
Casey: Oh yeah! Definitely.
Jack: Do you have a fishing story? How big is the biggest fish you’ve ever caught?
s3Casey: Ah, like six feet. [laughs]. I like to fish. I don’t count on it to smoke it, but I like it. It’s fun.
Jack: Awesome. We are going to go fishing soon too! Is there anything that you would like someone thats never had salmon jerky before to know about your company or whats going on with you guys?
Casey: Yeah! Even if you are not a big salmon fan, you’ve got to give it a try. Its a great product and we figured out a way to keep it very healthy and tasty. You’ve got to get out and try Santa Cruz Salmon Jerky.
Jack: Sweet. Sounds great. What is the easiest way for people to get salmon jerky?
Casey: We’re pretty much in all the New Leaf’s, all the grocery stores here in Santa Cruz County: Shopper’s Corner, Staff of Life, Deluxe out in Aptos. Pretty much any of the local markets here in Santa Cruz, you should be able to get ahold of it.
Jack: Great! Do you have any shout outs you want to give?
Casey: A shout out to all my friends and of course Tyler with Santa Cruz Waves. A shout out to Capitola by the Sea and my beautiful family: Brittany, and Cassia Cowden. Also, I would like to thank all my team riders who I believed in and they believe in this product and they represent it well.
Visit the Santa Cruz Salmon Jerky website here: Salmon Jerky
Photos provided by Santa Cruz Salmon Jerky
Article by Jack Neenan
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