Amazon Juices Santa Cruz The owners and the manager of Café Brazil have teamed up to bring the delicious taste of their successful West Side establishment, in a to-go format in Capitola. My boss wouldn’t stop talking about how fantastic Amazon Juices is, so I had to check it out for myself. I ordered a Sunset juice drink before checking out the waves at Pleasure Point. As I stepped out the door I tried my first sip and the flavors were mouth watering. Bits of honey slid through my straw and exploded in my mouth like little pieces of happiness. After that I had to know more about Amazon Juices. Joao and his wife Claudia who own Café Brazil partnered with Café Brazil’s manager, Natasha, to open Amazon Juices. I spoke with Joao about bringing their business to the Pleasure Point area. What follows is our interview.

by JackNeenan

SCW: Please tell us what makes Amazon Juices unique and the idea behind bringing a juice bar the Pleasure Point area?

Joao: The idea came from our juice bar at Café Brazil, which has been very successful. We sold so much juice and acaî bowls there that we decided to open another store. We have had the idea for this store in our heads for 4 years now.


SCW: So your success on the other side of town has brought you here?

Joao: Yes, we are very happy to be on the East Side now.

SCW: What do you enjoy most about this side of town?

Joao: The people here are amazing. It’s fun and different. When you come to Capitola from Santa Cruz, it is so different, is seems like you have been traveling for 5 hours. I really like the people here and the people in Santa Cruz are really, really nice too.


SCW: Nice. What is your personal favorite juice drink at Amazon Juices?

Joao: I just had the Marabuja passion fruit shake. It’s very nice. Our detox drink is very popular too. It is one of my favorites as well because of the vegetable juices; it’s very delicious.

SCW: What would you like someone who has never been to Amazon Juices to know about the juice bar?

Joao: I would like them to know that it is not a juice bar only. We have a sandwich area, salads, and tri tip. The quality of the food is very high. We use only the best meats, so come by for some great food and amazing juices.


SCW: Wonderful. How have the acaî bowls been doing?

Joao: Amazing! In fact I was just notified that we received Best Acaî Bowl in the Good Times.

SCW: Congrats, that’s great! So, what is your favorite thing to do in Santa Cruz during the summer?Best smoothies in Santa Cruz

Joao: Walk along West Cliff, walk along the beach on the East Side, watch my son surf, and enjoy the beautiful weather here.


SCW: Wonderful. Thank you so much for taking the time to answer our questions.

Joao: Thank you.

Amazon Juices is located at 1066 41st Ave in Capitola

Phone number (831) 854-2225

Photos provided by Amazon Juices

Article: Jack Neenan, Santa Cruz Waves

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