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The Capitola City Council voted 3-2 late Thursday night to “give positive direction” to supporters proposing a 6,000-square-foot skate park at Monterey Park, requiring the proposal go through the public process and obtain an environmental impact report.

Council member Ed Bottorff, voting yes, said Monterey Park was a safer location than McGregor Drive where the city plans skate ramps, which he does not consider to be a skate park.

Mayor Dennis Norton and Councilman Michael Termini both cited the council’s vote three years ago telling parents to come back with a 6,000-square-foot project.

Votes against came from Stephanie Harlan citing neighborhood opposition and Jacques Bertrand who said he did not want to “shove something down someone’s throat.”

Parent Marie Martorella who presented the Monterey Park plan, said, “I’m speechless.” Her son Jason, 9, who stayed until the vote at 10:30 p.m., added, “I’m stoked.”

Capitola resident Richard Novak, co-founder of NHS who offered to pay for the project, said the environmental review costs are “within budget.”

— Sentinel Staff report

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