FJ Anderson Artist Profile

Originally posted by Jack Neenan at Santa Cruz Waves

photography waves FJAnderson paintings

F.J. Anderson has been creating art in Santa Cruz for quite a while. We sat down with FJ in his back yard to discuss art and style.

SCW: Please tell us a little bit about your style and how you incorporate originality into your work.

FJ: I start by taking a lot of photos both in and out of the water, then if I get some I’m happy with, I’ll start painting using the photos as reference. I like to work large and I use oil paint on wood or canvas. I only use my photos to paint from to keep it original from start to finish.


SCW: Who are your major artistic influences?

FJ: Lately I’ve been looking at Gerhard Richter and Grahame Sydney a lot, and Monet is always good to look at if your doing anything water related. I’ve also been really influenced by my peers growing up; my brothers are both talented artists as well as my grandma. I’ve also had some great teachers over the years, Mark Marengo at Shoreline middle school and Michael Emery at Soquel high has been a good encouraging influences.


SCW: What is the most enjoyable aspect of being an artist in Santa Cruz?

FJ: It’s a really inspirational place; its beautiful and there are tons of creative people around here.

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