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Granny’s by the Sea Receives Cookie of the Year Award

Capitola by the Sea is proud to announce Granny’s by the Sea as our Cookie of the Year winner for 2014. We meet up with Granny on a nice sunny day behind her store on Stockton Street. Her daughter, Nancy, and the store manager, Joe, joined us for the interview.Granny's by the Sea Capitola

CBTS: Congratulations on winning Cookie of the Year Award 2014.

Granny: Thank you.

CBTS: How long have you been making amazing cookies in Capitola?

Granny: I’ve been making cookies since I was a little girl. I made them with my mom, she was a baker, and I stood by her side. We are just about to have our second anniversary here at Granny’s by the Sea. We also have a shop in Soquel called Granny Purps. It’s a medical marijuana dispensary and we make medicated cookies there. That’s where the whole ball started rolling. We made such good cookies that our patients wanted to share the taste of the cookies without the medicine in them. So we opened Granny’s by the Sea for everyone else.

CBTS: Nice. Are there any new and exciting creations you got going on over there?

Granny's by the Sea dog treatsGranny: We just brought out our dog treats this week. We had them last summer and they were a big hit. They are free with purchase; we have a big jar right on the counter. All natural: flour, whole-wheat oats, and peanut butter. The dogs love them.

CBTS: Where do you do all your cooking?

Granny: We have a commercial kitchen on 41st Avenue in Capitola. That is where we are cooking now. We do have plans to move the cooking into the shop. When we started we didn’t think we had the room for it here, but we do, and it will be nice for our customers to enjoy the smell when the cookies come out of the oven.

CBTS: Wonderful. Are you going to be serving ice cream as well?Granny's by the Sea

Granny: Yes. One of our original ideas when we opened was to have all of our cookies with several different flavors of ice creams and allow our customers to design their own ice cream sandwich. We will be able to do that when we expand our shop. Right now we do offer prepackaged ice cream sandwiches and people love them. They are made with Marrianne’s Ice Cream.Granny's by the Sea cookies

Joe: We love to keep it local.

CBTS: Oh nice, we love that ice cream! Can you tell us a bit about Granny’s Famous Fudge?

Granny: Well, it’s very popular! Haha. There are no super secret ingredients, but there is something that I do that other people have not been able to duplicate.

Granny's Famous FudgeNancy: I’ve been eating it since I was a little girl. It is soooooo good. Over the years it has never changed and it is amazing.

CBTS: Wonderful. Okay, if you were stuck on a deserted island and could only eat one cookie for the rest of you life, what would it be?

Granny: Chocolate Chip.Granny's by the Sea chocolate chip

Nancy: The Madison is my favorite cookie. However, if I could only eat one cookie it would be Chocolate Chip because it is exactly what you expect.

Granny: We have a new cookie; it’s kind of like a bar and its called Breakfast at Tiffany’s. It has oats and marshmallows and is really good with coffee in the morning. I might take that one.

Joe: I would say the Madison. It’s a great lemon cookie. It is very light and refreshing.

CBTS: Nice. What’s up with all the cool lights you have going on at night?

Joe: That’s the cookie party. At night, the Village in the summertime is bumping everywhere else. When you come to this section it’s kind of quite and mellow. We want to be open later because the kids don’t have anywhere cool to go. We have a Cookie Club so if the kids want to come here to dance, they can come dance and eat cookies. It really works and people love it. Every night at 5pm the lights go on.Granny's by the Sea write up

CBTS: Cool. Are you doing any fun deals or specials coming up?

Joe: We are. We are doing a Locals Only deal. If you prove to us that you are local by showing us your ID, we will give you a free cookie, buy one get one free.

Nancy: In the summer time we always put something together like Junior Lifeguard packs. In March we start with the summertime deals.

Granny's by the Sea menuJoe: New Brighton school students get $1 off cookies all the time.

CBTS: That sounds great. Are there any other businesses in town you would like to give a special shout out to?

Granny: There is a new men’s store down here on the other side of the Capitola Hotel. It is called WFO Man’s Apparel. It’s probably one of the newest businesses on the block. It’s a great little shop; the people that work there are awesome. If you are coming form over the hill and it’s sunny over there but cold here, that’s the place to go. They got great sweatshirts in all sizes, even XXL which a lot of the stores here don’t carry.

CBTS: Excellent. Well thank you for taking the time to answer our questions and congratulations again for winning Cookie of the Year.

Granny: You are very welcome. I hope you have a nice day.


You can call Granny’s by the Sea at

(831) 295-6290

Or visite there website at: Granny’s by the Sea

and Facebook page: Granny’s Facebook
Granny's by the Sea creations
Photos provided by Granny’s by the Sea
Article by Jack Neenan



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  1. Nancy

    Thanks so much for voting for us for the Cookie of the Year award for our Capitola Crunch. It’s an amazing corn flake cookie rolled in a fruity rice cereal, AMAZING! Stop in and check out one of our amazing different varieties. You can also find us in AJ’s Market, Soquel and Monterey Beverly’s and Palm Deli in Aptos.

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