Introducing the Waveclock!



Viewing the Ocean as Never Before!

The WaveClock is your barometer for the ocean. The WaveClock functions like a weather station for the waves and tides. The attractive devices are a personal ocean gateway designed to show you critical ocean information at your favorite spots along the coast at a glance. The WaveClock queries real-time oceanographic databases to find the wave and tide information at locations selected through the smartphone app. The information is displayed instantly on a natural analog display. The WaveClock hardware and app gives you an accurate view of what’s happening out there right now!

The WaveClock displays:
• Wave heights and period
• Tide heights and trend
• Constant updates for your favorite locations throughout the USA
• Intuitive analog interface

The WaveClock App for iPhone, iPad, and Android Devices is available for free download on the Google Play and iTunes stores. The App gives the full functionality of a WaveClock with beautiful graphics that can be displayed on your desk or bedside for current wave information. The App can dial into any NOAA wave buoy and tide station worldwide so you can see what’s happening now.

The WaveClock hardware, designed to sit on a desktop or hang on a wall, is available in horizontal and vertical configurations with a wide variety of artwork. The display is simple and intuitive to read with dials that show wave height in feet, the wave period in seconds, and the rising or falling tide height at your selected location.

The WaveClock technology began in Pleasure Point, Santa Cruz as a side project on the inventor’s (Dr. Craig Jones) dining room table. The inspiration came from Craig’s expertise designing and building oceanographic instrumentation to study ocean environmental problems. Craig’s philosophy has always been simplicity. “With the incredible advances in modern day technology and data displays, we have forgotten that the basic analog display of information not only gives us a more attractive display, but a more intuitive one as well”. The WaveClock components are manufactured in the USA and assembled in Pleasure Point, Santa Cruz. WaveClocks are available for sale through

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