Meet Stacey of Sweet Asylum

There are so many wonderful shops in Capitola By The Sea. And so many wonderful shop owners. We may be familiar with their shop, but let’s learn a bit about what inspired them to open a shop in Capitola. This time we sat down with Stacey in her Sweet Asylum store to chat.

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Capitola By The Sea: How long has your store been open?
Stacey: This September will be 7 total years in business and this May will be 6 years in our Capitola location.

CBTS: How did you come to be a clothing store owner?
S: Well actually owning a store was not my original plan. My real dream has always been to design my own line of clothing. But I decided opening a shop would be a step in the right direction giving me an outlet to sell what I love and learning about business at the same time. Basically I was sold on the idea of doing what I enjoy and being in the position where I am in control of my own creativity.

CBTS: What had you open your store in the Village?
S: Capitola has always been home to me. I grew up on Depot Hill went to Capitola Elementary and worked in the Village for many years. And since my shop is very beach inspired the Village just seemed the obvious choice.

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CBTS: What was it like growing up on Depot Hill?
S: Those were great times! As kids we had the beach, the old movie theater, Pearson Arrow Surf Shop, ice cream and Pizza My Heart, all at our fingertips. Most of my friends lived in walking distance so we were either skateboarding, riding bikes or running around the Village. Kid heaven.

CBTS: How has the Village changed in your eyes?
S: Clearly the recession and the flood had a huge impact on many of the business and there has been a lot of rotating of store fronts. However, I feel there is still enough of the original businesses who made Capitola what it is and the addition of new businesses that add to the charm of the quaint little beach town we all enjoy.

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CBTS: What’s your fav thing about being down here?
S: Being able to work in my own community and having the ocean right around the corner.

CBTS: What are you fav months down here?
S: May, because the town starts to really come alive for Summer. But October has always been special to me, the sky turns an amazing shade of deep blue and our Indian summer sets in.

CBTS: What clientele do you cater to?
S: My intention is to have items that cater to woman of all ages. We offer everything from sexy little black dresses, to cozy beach sweaters. Although there is a very feminine theme to our clothes there is also very classic pieces, leather bags and belts, unique perfumes, locally made coconut wax candles and soaps, one of a kind vintage jewelry, and even a small baby section. I strive to offer special pieces that will remain timeless and coveted.

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CBTS: Where do you do most of your buying for the shop?
S: I attend several shows around the country every year. However I am always on the hunt for new, independently owned up and coming designers. In my opinion when you rely only on mass-produced items you lose all the romance, history and craftsmanship of the clothes.

CBTS: What’s the inspiration for the style of your shop?
S: My inspiration is all over the map but somehow manages to be cohesive. A touch 70’s beach girl, a touch Martha’s vineyard, Victorian and to really confuse things some vintage tropical and Latin flare. But I think the softness of the fabrics is what ties it all together and is the common thread of the shop. Ultimately that’s what’s most important, the quality, the cut and how the clothes feel on your body.

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CBTS: What’s your fav piece or pieces in your store right now?
S: Right now my favorite is the little lace, hippie blouse I have in the window. A new French designer I picked up makes it and the details are gorgeous down to the buttons on the back. I also just returned from Sayulita, Mexico and I brought home with me a few necklaces by designer Debbie de la Cueva. Her pieces are all one of a kind, made from the teeny, tiniest antique beads, precious, semi-precious stones and sea shells.

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