Buckwheat Kasha Stuffed Zucchini

Robin Horn
Seasonal Eating

Recipe inspired by Mom & Old House Farm


At this time of year, as we approach Day of the Dead, the veil between the worlds gets thinner as we remember loved ones who have passed. Before my mom died, 10 years ago now, she reminded me of a stuffed zucchini I’d made for her way back when with buckwheat. I’d completely forgotten. During those early days I threw together whatever ingredients I had without much thought—or many ingredients. So this recipe is an approximation of the dish that Mom liked, and can be improvised upon freely.

Old House Farm inspired me with their recipe for stuffed zucchini using brown rice, pesto, lots of oil, and mozzarella, topped with stewed tomatoes, Parmesan, and chopped basil. I used garden tomatoes, and substituted tomato paste, Worcestershire sauce, and dried herbs for the pesto. You could skip the tomato paste and Worcestershire and use more instant veggie broth, Spike, or other seasonings—as I probably did originally.

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