Save Our Shores Bait Tanks PSA

Save some fish. Feed me butts.
The toxins in littered cigarette butts leach into the oceans, rivers & lakes, killing marine life. Save Our Shores is working to prevent this.
For the benefit of the marine environment, Save Our Shores recently unveiled a new pollution prevention project to collect the #1 form of marine debris found littering Monterey Bay beaches and coastlines: cigarette butts.
Save Our Shores decided to tackle this pollution problem with a new force, and began working with both the Cities of Capitola and Santa Cruz to identify high traffic smoking areas in need of cigarette receptacles. Together, we have begun to strategically place stainless steel cigarette receptacles, called BaitTanks, along the Capitola Esplanade, the Santa Cruz Wharf, and Beach Street in Santa Cruz.

Video- Left Coast Digital

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